The Rosetta Stone
The Key to Unlock the Mysteries in Your Life

Cover of book The Rosetta Stone by James Davis James Davis
ISBN: 1570431507
Eckankar, USA. 2000.

If you are looking for a Master capable of guiding you through all the inner worlds, and are keen to explore them, you could be ready for the miracle that this book brings; and you may wish to talk to the Mahanta, the Inner Master. One of the Mahanta's 12 aspects detailed in the book, is the Dream Master, and meeting is as easy asking to before you go to sleep at night. Others of the twelve aspects are "Light Giver", "Way Shower", "Guardian" and "Healer". There is much to find out about the Mahanta in this book.

"James Davis is a member of Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, and author of The Dream Weaver Chronicles. He assembled The Rosetta Stone of God from his dreams, inner experiences, journal writings, and the writings of Harold Klemp and Paul Twitchell. Davis lives in the northwestern United States and is the father of two daughters". This is his greatest book to date.

Davis asks:

Can a miracle make a difference?

And describes "six miracles, gifts from heaven, which led him to his spiritual guide and changed his life forever. Meeting the Mahanta was the key to understanding the mysteries in his life, much as the Rosetta stone unlocked the secrets of an ancient civilisation".

"Would you like to make discoveries of your own?"

. . . and invites you to "follow along as [he] winds his way through adventures in worlds both near and far. Adventures with the power to open his mind and heart to a secret, divine presence. Like a single, golden thread, the presence of the Mahanta was woven into his life as protection, healing, insight, wisdom, and love.

Your Discovery?

The Mahanta could be your spiritual guide!

Discover the truth, wonder, joy, and purpose within the mysteries of your own life. And maybe even find youself, in the company of an ancient friend, on the way home to God."

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